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St. Joseph Academy ~ 48 Needmore St. ~ Walton, KY  41094
St. Joseph Academy is a 501(c)(3) institution.
The "Singin' Strings" Dulcimer Club at St. Joseph Academy was established on March 9, 2006. Our interest in Appalachian music started in 2003 during an "Artist in Residency Program" sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council. During this residency program (performed by Mr. Russ Childers), our students participated in square dancing, the art of storytelling, singing traditional Appalachian songs, the history of the banjo and playing the mountain dulcimer.

The artistry of "Mr. Russ," ignited a passion for dulcimer playing in our school. In January 2006, we were able to have a "Five-day Dulcimer Residency Program." After the residency program, I decided to continue what Mr. Russ started in our school. This is how the "Singin' Strings Dulcimer Club" began at SJA.

The mission of the SSDC is to promote the art of playing the mountain dulcimer and preserve our rich Kentucky Heritage through music. One way of promoting the mountain dulcimer is to raise money to purchase dulcimers or acquire dulcimers (with geared tuners & 6½ fret), teaching materials, dulcimer music stands, dulcimer stands, straps, capos and cases for our school so all of the students can experience the joy of playing the mountain dulcimer.

We are also expanding our grant project to include other folk instruments, such as, autoharps, bowed psalteries, guitars, bodhrans, banjammers, bass dulcimers, ukuleles, washboards, hammered dulcimers, banjammers and even electric dulcimers. Please click on the link below to see our progress. St. Joseph Academy does not have a budget for music. This success of this project depends on the GENEROSITY OF OTHERS!

CLICK HERE to see our progress.